Packing Tips For Your Valuable Items

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If you’re not new to the moving process, you probably know how to handle delicate items and precious valuables. But because it’s crucial to safeguard your most essential belongings – whether they be heirlooms, high-priced items, or otherwise – take time to learn about different insurance options that are available, packing tricks of the trade, and ways in which you can effectively communicate with your movers about any valuable possessions.


To start, research the insurance options that are available for your belongings. There is insurance you can buy which will protect your items while they’re in transit or storage. Additionally, if you’re renting and have renter’s insurance, it may cover damages on moving day as long as the policy is still active. If you plan on storing some belongings, talk to the storage facility manager about coverage options for your items. Lastly, you might be able to find coverage for a big move with just a few clicks.


Use clean wrapping paper for all of your valuable items before you move. You can purchase newspapers from Keep It Moving Logistics Inc, or use packing peanuts for more delicate items. Be sure to wrap each item on all sides, including glass cups, beer and wine glasses, and figurines. If you’re subscribed to any food delivery services, such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, start saving their packing materials a few weeks before your move. Those companies often use ribbed paper or covered pads to keep the food fresh and cold, which can be reused to protect your dishes and other valuables on moving day.


At Keep It Moving Logistics Inc, we want to help you have an easy and low-stress move. If there are items that need extra care, be sure to label them as high priority and tell us about any special instructions. That way, we can take extra care in moving them from your old house into your new one.

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